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STORM TIPS          

In the event of a tropical storm or hurricane please follow these tips
to help you keep your pool in tip top shape.

1. DO NOT DRAIN YOUR POOL !!!   If you must lower the water level in the pool. Lower it no more than halfway to prevent the pool from popping out of the ground. 

2. Remove any loose items from the pool deck and store inside your home or other protected area. We recommend that you DO NOT place your pool furniture in the pool. Due to your pool being a chlorinated enviornment this may have an adverse effect to your furniture and your pool finish.

3. Your screen cage is an engineered product. If you feel the need to do so, You may remove a screen panel or two from each side of the cage walls. This allows for free air flow through the cage reducing the risk of updraft to the top panels and beams. 
 remove them by simply removing the spline that holds them in place and the remove the panel of screen

4. Turn off power to your pool equipment at the breaker panel. DO NOT turn back on till the power company has issued it is safe to do so.

      5. Super chlorinate the pool after the storm has passed and it is safe to do so. This will help combat any algae growth due to extreme amounts of freshwater       intrusion.

      6. After the storm has passed and it is safe to do so we recommend that you run and filter the pool for at least a day to remove any contaminents from the       water body. Remember to clean your filter very good after running for the recommended period.

      7. STAY SAFE - follow the instructions given by your local emergecy management authorities. And remember that Grant Pools will be here to help after the       storm. Due to an expected high volume of service calls it may take some time to service your pool. But rest assured we will get everything back to normal for       you. Place your trust in us, after any storm there are unlicensed people out there looking to possibly take advantage of the situation. We implore you to stay       patient and not place your trust in someone whom you may not know or is not approved to perform work on your pool. 

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